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Strategies for Long-Distance Caregiving

There are also organizations, like Caring from a Distance , that provide support and resources. The app Lotsa Helping Hands helps users create a support community, organizing everything from rides to appointments, to meals and errands, to letting people know the best time to call on the phone. Be realistic about your other responsibilities. Part of asking for help may also involve speaking with your employer about needing time off from work. If at all possible, be honest with your boss about why you need to adjust your schedule, and realistic about the amount of time you make need to take off. This is a situation where the ability to work remotely would be helpful, but even then, it can be difficult to keep up with conference calls and emails alongside doctors’ appointments. Make sure you discuss clear expectations of any arrangement with your boss to ensure that you are both on the same page and nothing falls through the cracks. In addition to work, distance caregivers also often have families of their own, placing them in the “sandwich generation,” with obligations to both their parents and children. For someone with responsibility for multiple family members in different locations, logistics can be difficult, especially when emergencies require schedules to be readjusted quickly. According to Ms.

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Since leaving office, Mr. Obama has avoided directly criticizing Mr. Trump in many cases, taking a posture of restraint that aides have described as denying Mr. Trump the chance to bury important policy debates beneath a personal feud. Yet an angry reaction from Mr. Trump would be unlikely to trouble voters in California, where the president is deeply unpopular, or in several of the other states where Mr. Obama intends to campaign in the coming weeks. Mr. Obama is said to be especially determined to make the case against Republican economic policies, and to deliver a forceful message on health care, according to people briefed on his plans. Representative Ben Ray Luján of New Mexico, the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said Mr. Obama would provide an “inspirational voice and unifying message on the campaign trail,” beginning in California.

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